Causes, symptoms and prevention of prostate cancer?

Like many types of cancer found in the human body like blood cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer is also a type of cancer. Prostate cancer is found only in men. There are some cancers which are found in both men and women but there are some which are found either in men or only in women. Prostate cancer is not found in women. Breast cancer is more common in women.l

What is prostate gland?

Prostate is a type of gland which is found only in men. The main function of this gland is to produce a white colored substance which is a part of semen. Its main function is to arrange food for the sperms.

The prostate gland changes its size with age in men. Many times, due to this, cells in the prostate gland do not divide properly. The cells start dividing uncontrollably, due to which cancer starts forming in the prostate gland. This condition is known as prostate cancer.

types of prostate cancer :

There are two types of prostate cancer:

1) Aggressive Prostate Cancer: Aggressive prostate cancer is also called rapidly growing cancer. This cancer develops very rapidly in the body and spreads to other parts of the body.

2) Non-aggressive prostate cancer: Non-aggressive prostate cancer is also called slow-growing cancer. This cancer is found only in the prostate gland in men.

symptoms of prostate cancer :

The beginning of prostate cancer is not detected due to which it cannot be treated on time. Still, like other diseases, prostate cancer also has some symptoms-

1. urination : In most of the people, it is observed that frequent urination is a very prominent symptom of prostate cancer.

2. Blood coming while urinating : Blood coming out while urinating is also a major symptom of prostate cancer. If any man sees blood while urinating, he should start treatment immediately.

3. back pain : Back pain is also a symptom of prostate cancer. We should not ignore this problem and should immediately inform our doctor.

4. urinary retention : It has also been seen many times that in many men, lack of proper urination or intermittent urination is also a major symptom of prostate cancer

causes of prostate cancer :

There can be many reasons for prostate cancer, some of which are-

1) older age : Prostate cancer can also occur due to old age. This cancer is mostly seen in older people only. Therefore, older people should pay more attention to their health.

2) obesity : Being obese is a big disease in itself. This disease is also found in men who are overweight. Therefore, men should also pay attention to their weight.

3) Hormones : Prostate cancer also occurs due to hormonal changes not occurring normally.

4) Unhealthy food or balanced diet :Men who eat too much fried food and outside food also become at risk of prostate cancer. Therefore, we all should eat nutritious food only.

prostate cancer treatment :

1) medicine :

This cancer can also be treated through medicines. There are many medicines for prostate cancer. If we take our medicines from time to time, we can get rid of cancer.

2) surgery :

When we cannot be treated by any other method then we are left with this last method. This surgery is called prostatectomy. In this, the prostate gland is removed surgically.

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