Benefits of Clove :

Clove :

The more healthy and fit you can keep yourself during the Corona era, the better it is for you. Due to the changing weather, today people are facing problems like fever, sore throat, infection, dry cough, cold and cough. These are all such problems, which are visible even when there is corona. In such a situation, many people are getting scared when these problems occur. They are rushing to the doctor to find out whether they have contracted Corona.

Sore throat or infection are not necessarily symptoms of corona, these problems can also be caused by changes in the weather. Well, don’t worry. A special herb or spice present in your kitchen can eliminate this problem from its roots in two days. We are talking about cloves. Yes, consumption of cloves can provide relief from sore throat, infection, itching and cough to a great extent.

Nutrients present in cloves :

It contains minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, sodium and zinc in high amounts. Along with chewing cloves, consuming its oil can also protect you from many diseases. Clove removes sexual problems in men.

health benefits of cloves :

1. It is most important to keep the immune system strong these days. If your immune power is weak, you suffer from cold, cough, sore throat, fever, any kind of infection again and again, then you must consume cloves. By eating cloves the body can be protected from infections like viruses, bacteria etc. According to Ayurveda, clove helps in developing the immune system. You can always chew cloves by putting them in one or two mouthfuls or use them in herbal tea or decoction.

2. Cloves strengthen the digestive power. The digestive tract does its work smoothly. Increases blood flow in the body. Bad breath goes away. Drink clove tea, it kills the bacteria present in the stomach and improves the digestive system.

3. You can also consume cloves to control sugar level. The polyphenols and antioxidants present in cloves control sugar. Cloves should be chewed even if the amount of insulin in the body is high.

4. Due to changing weather, people often suffer from cold, cough and sore throat. If your cough, sore throat or infection is not getting cured even after taking cough syrup, then use cloves. By consuming this you can get relief from cough. Along with providing relief from cough, clove also boosts immunity power.

5. Provides relief from swelling and pain in the body : Eating two cloves daily can provide relief from the problem of swelling in the body. Actually, cloves contain an element called eugenol, which can help in reducing pain and swelling. Consuming cloves with lukewarm water can relieve the problem of headache.

6. keep blood sugar level under control : Consumption of cloves is beneficial for diabetes patients. It contains an element called nigericin, which works to increase insulin production. This can help in controlling blood sugar level.

7. keep liver healthy :  Eugenol present in cloves improves liver function. Eating cloves detoxifies the liver and reduces the risk of serious diseases like fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. The elements present in cloves also help in reducing liver inflammation.

8.  Consume cloves like this to get rid of cough and sore throat: Keep a clove in your mouth and keep chewing. The medicinal properties present in it will provide relief to the throat and chest. You can also chew cloves with rock salt. This will reduce throat pain. Clove also reduces the discomfort in the pharynx. If you are troubled by dry cough, then consume clove or drink tea made from it.

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