Cough – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The problem of cold and cough is common and can happen to anyone. In case of cold, it is very important to take care of yourself and your family and you should also know what to eat. Often, due to changing weather, people suffer from cold and cough. But cough and cold can be cured by some home remedies. Due to the effect of infection on the respiratory tract, the area near the throat gets affected. Due to infection, a person feels that something is stuck in his throat. Due to this, there is problem of pain and irritation in the throat. That’s why people start coughing to remove mucus from the throat. Many types of symptoms are seen due to cough, which include hoarseness, feeling pain in the throat and trying to clear the throat etc. When excessive cough increases, a few drops of blood come out along with mucus. Well it is a common problem in some people . But some people suffer from cough due to wrong eating habits. To cure cough, doctors give many medicines which cure a person’s cough, but one should also pay special attention to one’s diet.

What to eat in case of cough?

  • Consuming jaggery is beneficial in case of cough. As long as the cough problem persists, jaggery should be consumed instead of sugar. Eating heated ginger with jaggery provides relief from burning sensation and pain in the throat.
  • Consuming fruits containing Vitamin C cures the problem of cough. Therefore, you should consume tomato, papaya, guava as they provide good amount of Vitamin C.
  • Drinking ginger tea is beneficial in cough. Ginger tea provides relief from cough. Apart from this, it strengthens the body’s immunity. Ginger has antibacterial properties which help in eliminating respiratory system infections.
  • Garlic helps prevent cough. Garlic should be consumed to prevent cough problem. Garlic helps in strengthening the immune system of the body. If you cannot eat garlic clove, you can eat it by mixing it in your diet.
  • Some research has shown that drinking chicken soup provides relief from cough. Since ancient times, people like to consume chicken soup to get rid of phlegm and cough.
  • Pineapple helps in curing cough problem. Bromelain is present in it which helps in eliminating mucus from the root. If you are facing cough problem then definitely consume pineapple.

What should not be eaten during cough?

  • In case of cough, one should not consume sour fruits like lemon, orange, lime etc. All of these contain citric acid which causes irritation in the throat. Apart from this, you can consume some other fruits like pear, pineapple, peach etc.
  • In case of cough, one should avoid consumption of cold drinks, tea, coffee and energy drinks. Apart from these, you should drink plenty of water because keeping the throat wet provides relief.
  • In case of cough, one should avoid eating cold foods because cold foods promote cold and increase cough.
  • Smoking should be avoided in case of cough because smoking can cause irritation in the throat and symptoms of cancer. Avoid coming in contact with smokers nearby.
  • Consumption of milk should be avoided in cough because milk increases mucus. Any dairy-containing food creates mucus in the lungs. Therefore, do not drink milk during cough.
  • People should avoid protest food during cough. For example, instead of white bread, white pasta and sugary foods, you can consume green leafy vegetables.
  • Avoid eating too much oily food during cough because oily food further promotes cough. Like junk food, pakora bhajiya etc.
  • According to some doctors, avoid consuming cold juice when you cough. Canned juices affect white blood cells. Apart from this the acid present in the juice increases cough.

types of dry cough :

There can be many types of dry cough, which include the following –

Hacking cough – This type of dry cough usually occurs in cases of viral infection. In this condition there is a continuous cough as well as a feeling as if something is stuck in the throat. If the symptoms of dry cough have become severe, the doctor may recommend treatment.

Croup cough – This is also called barking cough and is most often caused by inflammation or infection of the larynx (voice box) (laryngitis). During croup cough, a person feels pain in the throat and has difficulty in breathing.

 Whooping cough – This is the third type of dry cough, usually caused by bacterial infection. Whooping cough usually occurs in children and in this the patient has a strong cough, during which he takes deep breaths. However, vaccines are administered in India to prevent the problems causing it, hence this type of dry cough is rarely seen.

Dry cough symptoms :

Cough without phlegm or with very little phlegm is its most prominent symptom. However, some other symptoms can also be seen during this period, such as –

  1. bleeding with sputum or mucus
  2. shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  3. Fever
  4. chest pain
  5. body weight loss

dry cough treatment :

Treatment of dry cough usually depends on its internal causes. Treatment of dry cough usually includes the following –

Antihistamine – If the problem of dry cough has occurred due to some kind of allergy, then the doctor can give antihistamine medicines.

Antibiotics – People who suffer from dry cough due to any type of bacterial infection, antibiotics are used to treat such conditions.

Inhaler – If the problem of dry cough is due to asthma, then the doctor can give corticosteroids or asthma inhalers. Corticosteroids help reduce inflammation in the respiratory passages and bronchodilators help open the airways by relaxing the muscles.

Cough syrup – To prevent the symptoms of cough, the doctor can also give some types of cough syrup, which help in reducing itching, burning and other discomfort in the throat, which also provides relief in dry cough.

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