What Is Hypertension ?

What Is hypertension :

High blood pressure or hypertension is a disease due to which there is increased blood flow in the veins. Blood flows in our body at a certain speed. If we talk about health guidelines or health instructions, then the blood pressure in the body should not be more than 120/80mmHg.

If the pressure or flow of blood crosses this certain limit then a condition of high blood pressure or hypertension arises in the body.

High blood pressure is not only dangerous for the nerves but it can also damage the most important organs of the body like the heart and brain.

types of hypertension :

There are two types of hypertension-

1.) Primary hypertension :

Primary hypertension is a condition that is not caused by any disease. Many times people suffer from high blood pressure problems with increasing age. In this situation, people try to control their blood pressure through medicines.

2.) Secondary hypertension:

Secondary hypertension is a condition caused by a disease or the pills taken to treat it. Secondary hypertension can occur even at a young age. Along with this, it also increases significantly if the mental condition is not right.

According to research, the problem of primary hypertension is commonly seen in people, which is around 90%-95%. If we talk about the condition of secondary hypertension, then about 5%-10% people are found struggling with this problem.

due to high blood pressure :

1.) Obesity

2.) Smoking

3.) Alcohol consumption

4.) Unbalanced diet

5.) Lack of sleep

6.) Stress or depression

7.) Decrease in physical activity

Most people do not know about this disease because its symptoms are not visible quickly.

Although it may be a little difficult to recognize the symptoms of hypertension, there are some signs by which the problem of high blood pressure can be seen. Some symptoms are as follows-

  • severe headache
  • chest pain or pressure
  • not seeing clearly
  • feeling uneasy or nervous
  • shortness of breath
  • increased body temperature
  • sometimes blood in urine
  • feeling tired

Disadvantages of hypertension or high blood pressure :

Hypertension causes great harm to our body like-

1.) There is a risk of damage to the arteries of the heart due to hypertension.

2.) Due to hypertension or high blood pressure, blood starts flowing rapidly in the arteries and veins due to which there is a fear of their bursting. It can also tighten the veins and arteries.

3.) Due to hypertension, the heart has to work harder due to which there is a risk of its getting damaged.

4.) Similarly, when blood flow in the veins starts increasing rapidly, the possibility of damage to brain cells and tissues increases significantly.

5.) Due to high blood pressure, the brain does not get adequate oxygen and blood supply. This can cause brain death or damage to the brain. Due to hypertension, blood supply to the brain is greatly reduced.

How to cure hypertension?

There are some instructions that need to be followed to prevent hypertension or high blood pressure. Let’s see what they are-

1.) People who have hypertension problem, it is important to consult medical advice.

2.) To get rid of the problem of hypertension, follow the instructions given by the doctor.

3.) Take the medicines prescribed by the doctor on time.

4.) Keep measuring your blood pressure from time to time.

5.) If you are undergoing any other treatment, then tell your doctor everything before consuming any thing or medicine.

Is high blood pressure a disease or condition?

High blood pressure or hypertension is a serious medical condition. It can cause serious damage to the heart, heart failure, chest pain. It can also burst or block the arteries that supply blood and oxygen to the brain, causing a stroke. It can also damage the kidneys and cause kidney failure.

What are the complications of high blood pressure?

High blood pressure can lead to many complications and damage to the heart and blood vessels, chest pain, stroke and other brain issues like dementia, transient ischemic attacks, mild cognitive impairment, kidney diseases, eye problems, type 2 diabetes, sexual dysfunction, bone loss, sleeplessness. Brings to the fore the problems related to the problem of not coming etc

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